“We cannot serve at a distance. We can only serve that to which we are profoundly connected.”— Rachel Naomi Remen

Mentor Coaching & Supervision

Combining the Power of Group Learning With the Tailored Depth of One-on-One Coaching!

Compass International mentor coaching and supervision is for you if you are looking for a tailored way to get supportive guidance on your coaching, to break coaching habits that may be limiting your clients’ learning, and ensure meaningful impact from your work. Compass International offers tailored training and mentor coaching for new coaches and supervision for all levels of coaches – from novice to master level coach. These coach development services are provided individually or in groups and are recognized by the ICF for Continuing Education Units toward certification or re-certification.


Mentor Coaching Groups:  Novice coaches will enjoy learning in a supportive and confidential group environment where they will receive individual feedback and coaching on their coaching, specifically aimed at further developing the ICF coaching core competencies. Group sessions highlight specific competencies and include a mix of practical exercises, feedback, and creation of ongoing practices to deepen the learning between and after group meetings – all guided by senior credentialed coaches who are also experienced instructors of coaching.  Every participant in a Mentor Coaching Group also receives private individual coaching sessions as part of their series.


Supervision Coaching Groups:  Supervision Coaching Groups provide experienced coaches with a place to further hone their coaching competencies and develop new skills and approaches to expand beyond what they learned in their original coach training program.  Groups are made up of students from multiple schools, ensuring a diversity of approach for expanded learning.

Groups are established according to level of experience:

  • Coaches Preparing for Their PCC Certification or Equivalent,

  • Coaches Who Have Achieved Their PCC Certification or Equivalent, and

  • Coaches Who Have Been Awarded Their MCC Certification or Equivalent.

Each Supervision Coaching Group participant will identify 1-3 specific learning goals and will work both in the group sessions as well as in individual coaching sessions to achieve that specific learning. Participants will present ‘cases’ in the Supervision Coaching Group meetings so each meeting is focused on real and current coaching experiences of group members.  Like the Mentor Coaching Groups, members of Supervision Coaching Groups come together for group sessions in addition to receiving individual coaching sessions – all supported by senior credentialed coaches.


Individual Mentor Coaching or Supervision:  Enjoy all the learning outlined above in a private, one-on-one setting. While the approaches and topics are similar to those used in groups, individual coaching on your coaching is completely tailored to you, your habits, your learning goals.  Individual mentor coaching and supervision is flexible and offered to meet your specific needs, with a minimum commitment required of four (4) sessions.

Group Sessions Include:
  • Participant Case Presentations

  • Mentoring and Coaching on Your Coaching

  • Short Topic Presentations to Deepen Knowledge of Coaching

Individual Sessions Include:
  • Coaching to Develop You – Personally and as a Coach

  • Mentoring on Your Specific Coaching Clients and Approaches to Consider With Them

“…My CI Mentor Coach was extremely successful in developing a trust relationship that allowed discussion of key development issues. I would without question employ her again.”

– George West, former Senior Manager at the World Bank

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  • One of my CI mentor coach’s most outstanding qualities is the ability to create a very safe and trusting space for inner exploration and creativity.  Within this space she offered different perspectives, questioned my assumptions and challenged me to step into the change I was seeking. As a result I was able to move forward in a steady manner and leave the stuck state I had been living in.  Reading books and attending classes are very helpful for a quick fix, but for lasting results, working with a remarkably gifted coach like mine is what will create a lasting change.
    Julie Hodack
    Business Analyst, Swett & Crawford
  • My CI supervisor understood and appreciated who I was as an emerging coach. She was intent upon supporting me to become my best coach.  She was also able to go back and forth between coach and mentor, drawing on her many years of experience of using different tools and approaches.
    Gale Thompson
    Leadership and Resiliency Coach
  • My CI consultant and coach provided executive coaching and office-wide consulting which improved individual managerial skills and organizational effectiveness by improving communications and helping to set individual and office-wide priorities.  She has tremendous interpersonal skills combined with vast coaching knowledge, assisting those being coached to evaluate and learn about their strengths and tendencies. Her knowledge of and work with the private and government sectors enhances her effectiveness to those she coaches.
    James K. Gallahan
    Staff Chief, EPA
  • My CI consultant assisted us in developing a preferred workplace culture and increasing our diversity understanding. She is able to understand, very quickly, the needs of an individual and then to work with that person to develop a plan for self-improvement. Our people are more aware of their impact on the organization and more importantly the people within the organization. This allowed us to better perform as a team.
    Rick Evans
    Former President, CrownCen Marketing, Crown Central Petroleum
  • I would, without qualification, recommend my CI Mentor Coach because she is both an experienced professional as well as being an individual that is able to guide coaching conversations in a very human way that allows and encourages getting to core issues that effect performance and development. I would without question employ my CI coach again.
    George West
    former Senior Manager at the World Bank
  • My CI coach has helped me identify approaches to managing staff and dealing with superiors that have resulted in successful completion of projects and improvements in interactions with colleagues and superiors that would not have occurred without the coaching relationship and her unique support. This coaching experience with my CI coach has been one of the most significant growth experiences of my entire 23-year career with the Federal government.  I believe that executives can perform at even higher levels when assisted by the coaching experience, particularly one that is facilitated by such talented coaches as my CI coach.
    Bob Politzer
    Sc.D., DHHS Office Director
  • My CI coach's coaching style made me feel at ease discussing difficult topics and concepts, and I appreciated her gentle candor and willingness to push me to think more profoundly about what my strengths, weaknesses, desires, and fears are. Our meetings and the supplemental materials she provided have helped me identify the underlying causes of my feelings and attitudes, have validated some of my concerns, but also helped me step outside myself and rationally re-approach issues in a healthier way.
    Nora Ryan
    Program Manager - LMI/Logistics Management Institute
  • After completing 6-months of supervision with my CI supervising coach, I am a more confident and competent coach, evidenced in the results I am able to achieve with both my organizational and individual clients. My CI coach’s deep understanding of the ICF core competencies, her approach to helping me identify my blindspots, and her ability to engage me in developing creative practices that I could immediately use, were nothing less than amazing. From one session to the next, I could see and feel growth, which was not only satisfying, but inspiring.  
    Angela Cusack
    PCC, Managing Principal, Igniting-Success, Inc. and former Senior Vice President, SunTrust Bank
  • The CI consultant we work with has a unique blend of content expertise, facilitation skills, and flexibility to appreciate and adapt to unique cultural aspects of our company.  Her work in augmenting our delivery team to support the organization-wide launch of a new capability – combined with her offers of micro-innovations and improvements of that offering - led to resonance with participants and significant organizational results in a short period of time.  I would recommend Compass International for any organization who needs a true partner that combines deep expertise and highest quality facilitation and coaching skills with their ability to create cultural resonance within an organization.
    Casey Wilson
    Senior Director, Learning and Development, Evolent Health
  • The small group work was most beneficial to me—I was surprised at some of the responses from those of different backgrounds. The course helped us realize how managers must be willing to confront the issues and make some changes in order to have a more productive staff. It also helped us realize how important it is for everyone to understand the issues of diversity.
    Inclusion Training Program
  • This is the most practical course I have taken—application of theory was emphasized.
    Management Training Program
  • Innovative and imaginative approach to covering the topic.
    Leadership Training Program

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